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COVID-19 Key Points

Welcome back! We are so happy to have you and to be playing baseball again in the town of Kittery. Please read through the following guidelines for keeping your players and families safe this season. This policy, developed and approved by the Kittery Little League Board of Directors utilizing resources and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control at the national and state level, the national Little League organization to which we belong, and input and best practices from the Town of Kittery. Links to resources used to produce these guidelines appear at the end of this document. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Kittery Little League Board of Directors at [email protected].




Before you get to the field:

  1. Safety-check: Kittery Little League will continue to monitor state and local recommendations for symptoms and have a requirement for players to stay home if they do not pass the check
  2. Water: Please make sure that your child has an adequate supply of water that is labeled with his or her name. We would prefer a reusable bottle over a recyclable single-use bottle to help to ensure that no one mistakenly drinks from anyone else’s water.
  3. Masks: Please make sure that your child will have a mask and we recommend a spare in case the first one becomes wet, damaged etc.

Arriving at the field:

  1. Masks: Put on your masks before you join your team! At the current time, players should expect to wear masks at all times, on and off the field, unless taking a drink of water or some other circumstance that requires it.
  2. Gear: No gear bags will be allowed in the dugout this year. A coach or team parent will be on hand to show your child where to set up their baseball bag in a socially distanced manner.
  3. Sanitizer: Players should see their coach or team parent to apply hand sanitizer before they start warming up.




Playing the game/participating in practice:


  1. Dugouts: When batting, a limited number of players will be allowed in the dugouts. Seats on the bench will be marked to help kids remember not to get too close. The rest of the children will be organized in a socially distanced manner near enough to the dugout to hear their names called. Coaches and team parents will help us all get used to this system and adequately supervise the players. Players will sanitize hands between innings at sanitizer stations; coaches and team parents will help everyone remember until it becomes a habit.
  2. Equipment: We would like to discourage sharing of equipment as much as possible this year. During the registration process, you will be asked what equipment you are able to provide for your child. We will use this information to ensure that we will have enough league equipment to loan to every child who does not have his or her own. Loaned equipment is intended to only be used by one player and will be wiped down after use.
  3. Food: We will not open the snack shack this year. No sunflower seeds or gum will be allowed. Coaches will have a supply of individually packaged snacks to offer as needed. If your child requires a snack during a practice or game as a result of health or other issues, please speak with your coach or team parent and we are happy to find a safe way to work with you.
  4. Spitting: Please talk to your child about the importance of not spitting this year.
  5. Ball handling. At the national level, Little League is providing the following guidance with regard to handling balls in a way that reduces the likelihood of transmission from shared contact with surfaces, and the Kittery Little League Board of Directors sees these as best practices this year. As part of that guidance, please be aware that foul balls landing outside the field of play should be retrieved by participating players, coaches, and umpires. No spectators should retrieve the ball.
  6. Spectators. The State of Maine has issued guidance about how many spectators can be present given space at fields. The Kittery Little League Board of Directors believes that our ordinary level of attendance will be within those limits, but we will monitor for compliance with all applicable rules.
  7. Volunteers. Volunteers remaining at the field as coaches, team parents, etc. will remain masked and observe social distancing best practices.




CDC Recommendations




Maine state guidelines


Baseball = moderate risk sport

Level 1 a/o Dec 1, 2020

Level 2-3 a/o Jan 4, 2021

Level 4 a/o Jan 5, 2021 - Travel baseball only allowed within York County

  • Level 1: Performing skill-building drills or conditioning with physical distancing, no close contact, and in limited numbers when possible (Updated 12/4/20)
  • Level 2: Team-based practice with physically distanced group activities
  • Level 3: Within-team competition (e.g. intra-squad scrimmages) or virtual competition with other teams. This level of play involves interaction within one cohort of participants. (Updated 11/13/20)
  • Level 4: In-person competition between teams from the same geographic area (e.g. the same county and in some cases adjacent counties). This level of play involves interaction between two cohorts of participants. (Updated 11/13/20)
  • Level 5: In-person competition between teams from different geographic areas within Maine (Updated 11/13/20)
  • Level 6: In-person competition between teams from different states (Updated 11/13/20)


Kittery guidelines



CDC guidelines for sports



Little League Resources


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